Child Mannequins

These wonderful child mannequins range from 6 months to 12 years of age. As with the female mannequins, the tailoring is designed to echo the style of vintage child mannequins. The seam work over the tummy comes to a point in the centre and the back panelling finishes in the small of the back, just as in the vintage forms. After the final fitting, the side seam is handstitched in the same way as the female mannequins.

These lovely forms can be used in a number of settings. From a centre piece display in a children's clothing boutique, to a loved addition in a nursery or child's bedroom. Their small size also means they can be placed on a sideboard or chest of drawers, without the need to find precious floor space. The fact that they also take pins means they can be pinned into on any part of the torso.

You can also choose to have a bespoke child mannequin tailored in a fabric of your choice.