Charlotte Model

These lovely wasp waist mannequins have been formed from an original French Stockman torso from c1900 and they have a tiny 18.5 inch waist!  The aim in producing these mannequins was to replicate as closely as possible the tailoring and wood work of the vintage originals. To this end, the seamwork includes the deep v at the front of the torso and the v at the small of the back. The finial and neck cap have been copied from  one of my antique Stockman mannequins and the tripod stand can be provided in a range of finishes. Most importantly, the torso itself is made in the original way and is a thick papier mache construction. Your mannequin can be finished with a laced back or a traditional tailored finish and you also have the option to add shoulder caps if desired. The mannequins are height adjustable.
These mannequins are ideal for anyone who loves the look and tailoring of an antique mannequin, but wants to have a choice of fabric covering to match their decor.

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