Mannequin Information


Female, Male and Child mannequins. The mannequin torsos are made of a strong condensed polystyrene which will take pins very easily. The top finial and stand are made out of solid wood, and the toso and stand are connected with a  chrome centre pole.

The 'Charlotte' Waspwaist and  Miniature Mannequins are made out of a very robust papier mache construction in the same way as the vintage originals.

The 'Evelyn' Waspwaist mannequins are made out of a solid foam construction and can take pins to the torso.

All the mannequins are adjustable in height and the new height is secured using a small turnkey just under the torso.
On receipt, your mannequin will require a small amount of reassembly ... but no tools are required!
Fabric and Threads

These mannequins are intended for display and light home sewing purposes. My intention is for them to become heirloom pieces and last for many years and as such only the highest quality fabrics and threads are used. You may also provide your own fabric for any mannequin to be tailored in.

Stand Finishes

The stands and neck caps are made out of solid wood and are available in a variety of finishes.
Top Row: Jacobean Oak, Antique Pine
Middle: Black Painted
Bottom Row: Natural Beech, Ivory Painted
Please contact me if you would like a deeper colour on the Oak and Pine finishes.

Ivory Painted
Black Painted
Antique Pine
Jacobean Oak

Natural Beech

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions regarding the details of any of the mannequins.