Antique Waspwaist French Mannequin - Very Early Model - c1850s RESERVED


*RESERVED* £470 includes shipping cost to Italy.


This antique mannequin is an amazing find! She is the earliest example of a waspwaist mannequin I have seen and probably dates to around the 1850s. The earlier models had the longer skirt section to the torso as this example. Models dating from the 1880s began to have shorter torsos, finishing just below the hip. I have attached a picture from a book called 'Mannequins' which details the history of mannequins from their origins to modern day. As can be seen, this mannequin is very similar to the one shown in the book, including the detail of the stand. She lost her original fabric covering a while back and has been recovered in this striking tartan fabric. Whoever recovered her took care to copy the original seam work carefully. The fabric is faded as can be seen in the picture where I have moved the sash to one side. I checked under the tartan fabric and the original fabric has been removed, the original fabric can still be seen at the neck. Amazingly, there is no evidence of any wood worm to the stand at all, very unusual for French mannequins of this age.

Bust: 88 cm

Waist: 57 cm

Hip: 113 cm

Height: 157 cm (this can be made higher with the original metal turmkey)

Height from top of neck to base of torso: 92 cm

Due to the size of the torso, this will have to be packed in a very large box and so shipping to the UK is £35. International customers please contact me for a delivery cost.