where are they now

It is always wonderful for me to hear what happens to my mannequins after they leave me. Many of my wonderful customers tell me all about how they will use their mannequin, both vintage and tailored, and they end up in so many varied destinations. So I thought it would be nice for others to see this too!
If you would like to add a picture of your mannequin to this page, then just email it through to me with some details about how you use it. I look forward to receiving your pictures!
The mannequins pictured in the window display below were commissioned for 'Pretty Green', the classic British clothing range owned, founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. This store is situated in Carnaby Street - the 60s inspired print is perfect for such an iconic location! http://www.prettygreen.com/
I just love Nikki Jackson's vintage inspired wedding boutique below - 'The White Closet' in West Didsbury, Manchester. She chose the Harcourt and Picardie mannequins for the window display. See her collection at www.thewhitecloset.co.uk

This lovely vintage lady (left & below) now resides in Adelaide, Australia. Many thanks to Justin and Erin Daley for these photographs of her looking splendid in her new home -  'Penny Lane House of Hair' - a boutique salon. http://www.pennylanehouseofhair.com.au/
This German Wasp Waist mannequin (left) has now joined her sister in the salon and looks beautiful in her French finery!
Tracy (www.tracygan.wordpress.com) uses her mannequins to display her jewellery designs. She chose her own fabrics to have her mannequins tailored in. (see below)
Many thanks to Judith Lock, for these wonderful pictures of her handmade corsets (below), displayed on three of my vintage waspwaist mannequins. For enquiries, contact Judith at dark-orchid.org.uk.
Judith is currently working on this beautiful corset, using this 20 inch, wasp waist 1800s antique mannequin.
(shown right)

Thankyou to Emily Gooder for this picture of 'Pearl' (left). I love it when one of my vintage girls  gets to travel so far - Pearl now has a new